As a furry pup lover, there is no doubt in my mind that having a dog brings many upsides to my life. I mean, how can I NOT live happily waking up to a smiley face and wagging tail? For those of you who do not yet have a furry friend, or who are planning on adding one to your family, you’ll be glad to hear that there are scientifically proven benefits that dogs bring to each of our lives! So if you’re looking for reasons to get a dog, here’s 17!
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1. Dogs increase your mood dramatically!
2. Having a dog may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
3. Step aside, kitties! Dogs protect children from skin conditions and allergies.
4. Having a dog improves your physical wellbeing and encourages a healthy fitness routine.
5. Humans with dogs recover more quickly from illnesses.
6. Dogs make excellent service and alert animals.
7. Children with dogs in their household miss less school.
8. But wait, there’s more (for your kids)!
9. Simply put, they are a human’s best friend.
10. They will go to great lengths–2,800 miles to be exact–to find their humans.
11. They make excellent watchdogs.
12. Dogs help increase social interactions.
13. There’s never a dull or boring moment.
14. Dogs may save your life.
15. Stressed at work? Let me prescribe you one adorable puppy.
16. Having a dog makes YOU more awesome!
17. Need I say more?


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Read this online and I couldn't agree more. Thought I would share it with you.

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Social distancing with people not puppies/dogs.

Kids are out of school for a couple of weeks or longer...what to do, how to relieve stress for the whole family.  Think about adding a small puppy to your family.

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