Have a safe and happy Havanese puppy by being prepared and making his home environment safe.

Most of the items below can be bought at any pet shop, however www.cherrybrook.com has a huge selection plus more that isn't on the list but I couldn't live without items like my hair dryers and tubs made specifically for dogs.

​Must have list:

  • washable bed
  • Crate-this will be essentials for potty training
  • pet gate
  • exercise pen
  • collar, leash, pet ID tag
  • high quality puppy food
  • stainless steel or ceramic food and water dishes
  • Puppy shampoo and conditioner
  • Grooming tools:  pin brush, metal comb, flea comb, spray bottle (mist before brushing), hair drier with diffuser, nail clippers
  • Toys - only toys that are made for pets.  Avoid toys filled with beans or pellets
  • Bones/rawhide chew - always supervise

Puppy proofing

  • electrical cords
  • anything that the puppy can swallow that cannot pass through the pups system; examples: Christmas decorations, aluminum foil pieces, broken plastic, sharp objects, shredded toys, etc.

Fenced in Yard

  • check to make sure there are no gaps puppy can squeeze through.
  • if you are unsure about the safety of your fence always use a leash before exiting the house.
  • combining a couple of exercise pens together work good if you don't have a fenced in area.
  • always supervise your puppy.

Poisonous plants and food

  • http://www.petmd.com is a very informative site.
  • be careful when cooking. Like all dogs your puppy will pick up that bit of food you dropped.
  • small amount of "some" people food is okay, however it should never be a replacement for his/her pet food.
  • http://www.chewy.com is very convenient on-line store.  It has a auto ship delivery system and Free shipping over $49.00.  Royal Canin is the type we use, which we will send a small amount to go with puppy, when he goes to his forever home. 

Maine Havanese getting ready for puppy.  Get your puppy supplies before you get your puppy.

Maine Havanese

Maine Havanese Getting Ready For Puppy