Hi I am Ginger and I am a little love and I love a little mischief.  I love socks like my sister Mage but I am a tom boy like my mom Rogue.

It's not a party until a redhead shows up...that being a Pratts Ginger Snap ! who is a parti :) 

I am an AKC registered Chocolate Parti colored Havanese. 

My name is Mage aka the sock thief.  Hands up...toss over your socks !!!   My hopes and dreams are to knock the socks right off you.  What socks I miss the drier steals for me. I gladly give back my prize after running throughout the house howling rejoicefully about my find... just so I can reclaim it once again. 

I am an AKC registered Chocolate Havanese. 

Sock it to me !!!

Pratts Sugar Bear

Even though my mom was born in Hungary and my dad was born in Canada I am an all American Chocolate Havanese girl.  I am registered AKC (American Kennel Club).

​My superpower as "Sugar Bear" is making people smile....Sugar always makes people feel happier and it doesn't hurt that I am as cute and cuddly as a bear.

​Pratts - Dandy Daisy Warrior Choco Girl       "Rogue"

Rogue is my name and I was registered as a Chocolate Parti color Havanese, however as I grew older my coat color changed. I now consider myself Irish pied. My litter of puppies can be nearly any color, ranging from black, white, chocolates, or any shade in between. They won't always look like myself (Irish pied) or Java (tan point) some could be solids, sables, and brindles like storm.

I  was born in Budapest Hungary in 2012, but have been American raised. I come from Champion blood lines from both sides. My sire is a MEOE International Champion. I am also duel registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club) and MEOE (Hungarian Kennel Club Budapest).

I think I am top dog in my pack but the other dogs tell me differently. I am a tom boy through and through but don't tell anyone that I love it when my owner makes my hair look pretty.

I play all day and cuddle all night.

My favorite past time is snack time and running through mud puddles....I always find puddles, even if it hasn't rained in days.  My least favorite past time is......BATH TIME!

Pratts Arcanean Mage

Maine Havanese Our Girls

Rogue is retired 

Mage is retired 

Pratts Ginger Snap

White Ginger is like scented wings of moths
Shell Ginger is a mermaid's dainty chain
Torch Ginger is a staff of petal flame
Burning, defiant of the quenching rain
The Yellow Ginger yields a sweet perfume
To catch and hold the heart in woven leis
Red ginger is the warm blood of Hawaii
Spilling its laughter through the tropic days.

​Don Blanding

Rogue is retired 

Maine Havanese Our Girls in Gray Maine

Maine Havanese