Grooming Havanese

Maine Havanese

Brushing your havanese can be done either daily or a couple times a week depending on whether you let your puppy grow his hair out or give him a puppy cut. Also Depending on how quickly your dog gets dirty is how often you will need to bathe him....between once a week to once a month.  The longer you go the better for your puppy and your puppy's coat.

Grooming means more then just brushing and bathing your Havanese.  You will need to clip nails, clean eyes, pluck ear hair, etc.  Even if you are good at keeping up with all your puppy's grooming needs its always nice to pamper your pooch by bringing him to a professional groomer.


  • Add small amount of shampoo to water to dilute it.  Depending on the shampoo it can be to harsh on his skin and possible burn it. It is also a lot easier to rinse out this way.
  • Thoroughly wash all shampoo out. I have experimented with all kinds of shampoos and have come to love the oatmeal ones. They seem to be gentler on their skin and easier to rinse out.
  • Conditioner is a must especially if they have long hair. 
  • Mist hair before and during brushing so as not to brake hair.
  • Brush hair before bathing.
  • While conditioning his hair comb out those little knots you have missed.
  • Always use a diffuser on your dryer when using it on your dog. Be extra careful around sensitive areas such as eyes and ears.
  • Brush/comb your dogs once a day to avoid mats. Once a day with no knots is easier then once a week with mats.Wash his face daily. Staining shows up on lighter colored haired dogs more noticeably. Simple things like his food, treats, and grass darken his hair over time. By washing his face daily you can lessen the staining effect. It also helps by avoiding foods and treats with colored dies in them (especially the red tinged ones).
  • Trim nails weekly.
  • Don't forget to pluck that nasty ear hair. It holds moisture and dirt. By plucking that hair you can possibly prevent your dog from getting an ear infection or mites.