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Social distancing does not apply to puppies and dogs ! 
We all need physical contact and puppies are safe to hug and kiss. If you are keeping safe by staying home and away from others and need some love think of adopting a puppy. 
A puppy will also distract you and/or your family from the current crisis.


Breeding Kennel Facility License # 1435

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Maine Havanese in Gray

Maine Havanese AKC chocolate Maine Havanese puppies in gray Maine.  Havanese puppies for sale. 

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Maine Havanese

Welcome to Maine Havanese!

Located in Southern Maine, 5 minutes from the Maine turnpike, and situated on 40 lovely country acres. We have shown some AKC events however we are mainly a hobbyist of quality Havanese.

Our AKC Havanese are house pets and companions first.  Our puppies only go to a hand picked select few who have filled out a detailed questionnaire to make sure not only that they are right for a Havanese but to make sure our little puppies are right for them.  We have shown our dogs in confirmation, but they could easily compete in agility or obedience.

Havanese are the national dog of Cuba.  They are a descendant of breeds brought to Cuba from Spain. Their role went from a pampered lap dog of the aristocracy into a family companion responsible for being a watchdog, child's playmate and herder of the family's poultry flock.

Havanese are playful, friendly, loyal, and intelligent.  They are a sturdy Toy breed that should never appear fragile.  Ranging in height from 8 1/2 - 11 1/2 " at withers.  When in motion their gait is springy, do to their short upper arms combined with rear drive.  They are super alert - letting you know someone is at the door before you hear the knock.  However they are not "yappy", quieting down very quickly. Havanese have a double coat, which comes in all colors and patterns.  It should be long, abundant, wavy, silky to the touch, soft and light in texture.  Thanks to the fact that Havanese have hair and not fur they do not shed like dogs with fur but more like humans.

Havanese are a long lived and a relatively healthy breed.  However like every breed of dog you are going to possibly have  health disorders, the Havenese are no exception.  Some disorders are Heritable cataracts, hip dysplasia disease, patella luxation and deafness.  It is important to test against congenital diseases.